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Learn Jazz & Blues Online - New Terms starting May 2020 01 Jan 1970

Learn Jazz & Blues Online - New Terms starting May 2020 image

Edinburgh Blues Academy & Edinburgh Jazz School

Online teaching sessions of Jazz & Blues music during the lockdown

Affordable sessions, with scholarships and discounts available

After a year of successful sessions at the St Bride's Centre, Edinburgh - our Blues Academy and Jazz School are moving online for another term of digital lessons via the conference call software. 

Sessions will again be led by leading professionals in Jazz & Blues from Edinburgh and Glasgow ( Fergus McCreadie, Joe Williamson, David Bowden, and other young professionals from the Scottish Jazz Scene; Toby Mottershead, Ewan Gibson, Vid Gobac, and other professionals from the Scottish Blues Scene). 

Via the platform, they'll lead small groups in masterclasses and instrument led sessions based around history and principles of Jazz/Blues performance and improvisation, as well as larger group sessions to improve your timekeeping, rhythm, harmony and ear.

Each session will be between 60-90 mins, and run Wednesday from 7pm [Blues] and Saturday 11am [Jazz]; following a curriculum of Jazz & Blues standards and techniques developed by the tutors, and released in the coming days. There'll also be new tutorial videos, worksheets and backing tracks to practice along to through the week, as well as a growing online community for pupils to say hello, share tips and ideas, and great songs from the genre. 

Further Information

For dates, fee's, scholarship information and how to sign up, visit our pages below:

Edinburgh Jazz School

Edinburgh Blues Academy


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