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The Festival Club: Samson Sounds + Samedia Shebeen


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The Festival Club: Samson Sounds + Samedia Shebeen image

Samson Sounds + Samedia Shebeen : The Festival Club promises to keep the music going long after the other venues have closed up shop.  Dance the night away to bands and DJs, compare notes on the shows you’ve loved or loathed over a drink or soak up the last glimpses of summer (and the odd jazz fest star) in the glorious open air rooftop bar. Samson Sounds lead the charge in Scotland’s world dance music scene, blending African highlife, dubstep from electronic beats, fat Reggae-style trombone and sparkling Afro guitar with sweetly soulful vocals.

DJs from Samedia Shebeen take over the club for the night, with bass heavy tropical tracks.


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